EU commission confirms: Strong water legislation is key for a sustainable future

Belgrade, June 23, 2020: One week before Danube Day which celebrates Europe’s longest and most international river the European commission has set a landmark for Europe’s rivers, lakes and wetlands. Half a year after having published the results of the fitness check the European Commission has confirmed that the EU’s strong water legislation — the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) — will not be changed. The message from the Commission is clear: the WFD is an essential piece of EU environmental legislation and will continue to be implemented in its current form. The WFD is one of the EU’s most ambitious and holistic pieces of environmental legislation, setting the target of having 100% of the EU’s freshwater ecosystems in good health, up from just 40% currently. EU Member States must meet this target in order to preserve its water resources and ensure climate change issues.

Dr. Stephan von Keitz, RTA of the ongoing EU Twinning Project stated: “This clear message is also relevant for Serbia, since water does not know borders. Good water legislation helps to safeguard proper water supply, reduce water pollution and protect biodiversity. ”Taking the views of Serbian citizens on board, the first documents related to the status of Serbian water and the priority issues have been published by the Republic Water Directorate, pathing the way to the first Serbian River Basin Management Plan. Its implementation will start in 2021. “We look forward to bring life back to rivers, lakes and groundwater all together.”

Serbia has already made important steps in order to adapt water management to the European Directive. On Danube Day, which is celebrated on June 29 2020, you can join us online at 18:00 on the webinar: Where all life starts! Water management restarted. Serbia’s way into the future!

We want to discuss
– What are the challenges we face in Serbian rivers?
– What is in the Water Framework Directive for Serbia?
– What has been done in the last years?
– What will be done in the next years? How can we all benefit?
– How we all can contribute to a sustainable future?

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