“Support to policy planning in water management sector”
EU-Twinning project on water management
in Serbia

Twinning project:
The project is aimed at strengthening the capacity of the Republic Water Directorate and Public Water Management Companies “Srbijavode” and “Vode Vojvodine” in integrated water management. Following the principles of the EU-Water Framework Directive (WFD) this project will help to improve the water quality in Serbia.

Our objectives:
With this project, we want to improve the water quality standards in Serbia. The aim is to strengthen the Serbian water management administration and all relevant institutions – in line with EU standards.

Project details

Raising the curtain on success stories in the EU neighborhood: Policy Planning in the Water management sector in Serbia among them!

A number of 169 Twinning projects was counted only in 2019 to be ongoing in the countries candidates for EU accession and in the EU neighborhood. Regularly the EU Commission’s Directorate- General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations looks for success stories within those institution cooperation projects financed by the EU. Recently the selection was presented – and among them our project addressing the water management in Serbia.

Project details

Negative consequences of river pollution

Pollution and water quality in Serbia

Serbia needs to further work on scaling down pollution and securing better water quality. Wastewater is one of the biggest polluters of soil and groundwater. For example, all wastewater of Belgrade ends up, untreated, in the Danube and only 5% of industrial wastewater is treated. Interesting fact: 35% of Serbian citizens see the drinking water quality as the main environmental problem*. The challenge will be to improve and protect the health of its population. In achieving its environmental goals, Serbia can count on the help and support of the EU. Being an official candidate for the EU membership since 2012, Serbia needs to be capable of assuming the necessary obligations according to EU legislation.

*Source: IPSOS Global Advisor (2018), Global Views on the Environment – 2018, Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia (2019)

Our Stories

Danube and Djerdap

Fountains in Belgrade

Canyon of the Uvac River

The Blooming of the Tisa River

Tisa mayfly (Palingenia longicauda) has been fascinating people for millions of years by its ritual love dance and by the beauty of its figure and colors. Tisa blooms in mid-June and the phenomenon lasts for about two weeks. As a rule, it always happens in the evening hours.
*source: Internet.